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 Années Folles: 1920s Multi-Fandom

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PostSubject: Années Folles: 1920s Multi-Fandom   Sat Sep 19, 2009 11:45 am

The Thomas S. Hallenboch Tenement is packed with oddballs. No one really knows for sure what everyone’s doing behind those doors, but it’s safe to say that it’d probably be a bad idea to barge in. The ventilation system is busted, the wallpaper is peeling and way out of style, and on top of that, there are strange noises during the night. But it’s the cheapest place to live in Madswit, so they say. Not to mention utility fees are taken care of.

But darn it, there’s some weirdos around here…What sort of weirdos? Well it’s probably best to find that out for yourself.

Années Folles is a Multi-Fandom board, set in a city somewhere in North America, in a year somewhere between 1920 and 1928. Play virtually any human or humanesque character here, canon or original, and see how they fare living side by side in an apartment complex!
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Années Folles: 1920s Multi-Fandom
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