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 Shayz'renth and Beyond - Medieval/Fantasy

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Shayz'renth and Beyond - Medieval/Fantasy Empty
PostSubject: Shayz'renth and Beyond - Medieval/Fantasy   Shayz'renth and Beyond - Medieval/Fantasy EmptyFri Jul 03, 2009 10:35 pm

Shayz'renth and Beyond - Medieval/Fantasy ShayzBannerAd

A Land of Struggle...

People from five different countries struggle each day. The powerful want to stay in command and keep their good fortunes. The rest fight to survive day by day.

A Land of the Magic...

In Shayz'renth, there's great power over the elements: shadow, light, fire, water, wind, and earth, but it can only be granted only by the Sages that rule them. Each day brings another theft, another murder, and another noble feigning ignorance. Every day a person must chose between what is right and what is wrong.

A Land of Barrenness...

In Kolshtak, the desert brings little to those who live in it. Communities form around sources of water, depending on them for survival. It is from this country that the gypsies were born, clans that formed generations ago to survive.

A Land of the Nature...

Governed by elves, Manti strives to be the most beautiful country. Still recovering from a civil war, they are enjoying peaceful times again. Some within are not so well off though. While some cities are rich with beauty and life, other cities are struggling each day.

A Land of the Trade...

It's not easy to be a landlocked country, and Lalan'ay would agree. What they cannot get from the ocean, they make up for in hard work and patience. They reach out to make trades routes with the countries around them.

A Land of the Chaos...

Pyroose has no central government. Their frozen lands are littered with hundreds of clans. Most of the people stay in the forested mountains. It is the most violent of the five countries. The people often prey on each other. Those born within are unlikely to ever see adulthood, and the brave travelers who visit have a tendency to disappear.

Will you join?
Level: Intermediate
Genre: Medieval Fantasy
Rating: R
Original Birth: 2001
Moved to AcornRack: December 2007

What we offer
Plots: There's a holiday or event each month, and there are several member created plots. It's easy to jump in, whether it's an assassination, a quest, trouble in the temples, or a masquerade.
Places: There are several boards to roleplay in different countries and clans.
Positions & Species: You name it, we probably have it. If not, we're open to new ideas. We also have adoptable characters and important positions to fill.
Friendly and Active Members
A C-box
Details: Lots of information for character development or just for the sake of reading.

Contact Information:
Shayz'renth Name: Drakon
E-mail: Meushell@yahoo.com
AIM: Meushell
YIM: Meushell
MSN IM: Meushell@hotmail.com

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Shayz'renth and Beyond - Medieval/Fantasy
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