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 The Laws ~ Please read carefully

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Carmela Dupré
Carmela Dupré

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PostSubject: The Laws ~ Please read carefully   Fri May 15, 2009 11:50 am

    1. Please register with the first name of the character you wish to be, or a simple name such as your own. I don't care. No snazzy ones like 'i<3Edward' We want it simple. Got that? It's not that hard. Wink

    2. An important concept is that of MATURE CONTENT. If you need mature content for your plot to work, then go ahead, be my guest. As long as you M the TITLE (so people can see straight away) and as long as you don't make it literary porn or bloodfest. Also, if I'm contacted by anyone saying they're feeling uncomfortable about you - if you're trying to involve them in literary porn or just a thread they're uncomfortable with, I'll deal with it, so make sure both you and the other person are cool with it.

    3. On the same topic, PORN OF ANY KIND IS NOT TOLERATED. Literary or photographic, please understand it will never be okay. Ever. Okay.

    4. In fact, any HARMFUL CONTENT IS NEVER OKAY. That includes things like racist/sexist/ant-Semitic or any other possibly discriminative content. This will be severely dealt with. Very severely. That's all I'm going to say. The secret word is blood.

    5. There's no word minimum here, because that's just lame and elitist. But I do expect a level of proficiency so no one-liners or two-liners, for that matter. We're HIGH INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED. Thanks, guys. Helps us out here. If it makes sense to be short, fine, but use your discretion.

    6. Stick to BASIC RP RULES. No Mary-Sues. Third person. You know the drill.

    7. PLAY NICE, be nice. Don't be mean, or cliquey to anyone. We're not a cliquey site. Let's be a friendly, happy site. Don't pick fights, enter arguments. Just be the bigger person and walk away.

    8. HAVE FUN. That's the main thing.Wink

    rachel made the base of these, 'k?
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The Laws ~ Please read carefully
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