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PostSubject: Green''s Academy {LB}   Green's Academy {LB} EmptyWed May 20, 2009 10:20 am

Green's Academy

Established: 1158
Current Year: 2029
Month: June 1(approximately)
Where: Greens, North Yorkshire, England (near Scarborough)
Season: Spring
Average High: 80°F (14°C)
Average Low: 57°F (2°C)
Average wet days: 11 days
Average daily sunshine: 8 hours

Green's Academy {LB} EnglandNorthYorkshire

General Information:
The little City of Greens is a thriving college town set in a beautiful cliffside peninsula in North Yorkshire, England. To muggles, it's your regular little college town, but to the wizarding world; it's one of the most prestigious Academies in Northern England; taking witches and wizards to a higher level of learning. Witches and wizards from all over the world dream of attending such a find academy, but only the best of the best will make it through to graduation day. Are you up for a challenge?

Green's Academy {LB} Settle02big

Greens is an open RP site that is loosely Harry Potter premised; Green’s Academy is located in North Yorkshire, England (near Scarborough), where wizards and witches reside and where parents send their budding young students for a fine education. Set within a very green luscious setting this village is quaint and charming. The town square is set to the South of Devonshire Cove where you can find specialty stores and fine restaurants to fit your needs. The town is based in a small cove off the ocean, parts of which are lined with thick forest where magical creatures of all sorts call home. The forest can be a dangerous place though, so be warned, within the towering trees vampires are known to stalk their prey.

Up to the North at the edge of the cove you will find towering cliffs pocked with networks of caves, some that are accessible from certain parts of the forest and others that can only be explored if you traverse the cliff wall above the ocean’s rocky depths. Students and vampires alike are known to explore these caves finding the treasure in the earth’s long history in formations that take hundreds of thousands of years to create.

The Hot Sulfur Hills are a place on the outskirts of town about 20 miles NW of Greens. The land is wrought with caves, some hidden with secret passage that will wind you through the earth on a wicked adventure. There are under ground caves rumored to grace the land with the perfect environment to breed young dragons, so it is advisable that you steer clears of these areas during mating season.

You will find areas with natural hot springs that bubble out of the earth creating a natural hot tub in the middle of nowhere. The minerals are said to have special healing qualities and are rumored to have spawned "The Fountain of Youth" legends that intrigue minds young and old.

You can be anyone you want to be here and have the unique opportunity to create a character of your liking, whether it is a character creation of your own, an available cannon character or one of many creature applications. We have simple rules and expect you to RP in a believable and literate fashion while using your creative mind to its fullest capacity, while working within the site premise we have created. We like to make the board interesting by adding in unique additions and see what people can come up with. We will make you think and if you are striving to become a better and more creative writer then you will find this site as home. We are very hard on creature applications though so keep that in mind when posting up your application, you MUST make it good, believable and follow historical “truths” based on mythology and some of the more well known literary premises.
Green's Academy {LB} 9905_02_13---Staithes--North-Yorksh

Green's Academy {LB} Image

Green’s is a unique quaint little village in Northern England that has been the subject of a full scale manhunt once before, the grounds shrouded by a very dark past. A very conniving vampire stalked these parts about 200 years ago and took the lives of hundreds of Green's residents. It is said you may happen upon the ghost of one of those long lost victims roaming through the forest. The vampire that took the lives of so many was never captured and may still be at large. It is said he likes to revisit old haunts, so he could return one day and you could be on his list.
Green's Academy {LB} _44395102_weatherfiley_pa_416

This is just a taste of what is going on at Green's Academy, come and build a story with your character(s) and take your RPing to a whole new level. We have many job openings, and a really cool way to play Quidditch, that involves all members. We just ask that you play by the rules and have fun.
Green's Academy {LB} SSTE212501_3519_134985a

Current Events:
Updated 2/22/2009

Time has come for the wizards and witches to take up arms and get ready for the fight to come. Lord Vladimir is building his Army. With the destruction of Vladimir’s manor; he has made a safe refuge in the dark alleys of Noctryne; forcing the dregs of the slums into submission; funding his efforts beyond anything imaginable. The night of the concert went without a hitch, but come to find out the citizens of Greens were not the only ones having their own party. Information came to the Ministry of the Reapers having a recruitment party. Aurors have tried to make their way into the folds of Vladimir Gustav’s new hide out, but was unfortunately met with certain death. One of the officers made their way out of the chambers of death to report that Vladimir is recruiting and recruiting heavily.

Good news has come to Greens, with the reopening of the United States school in Providence, Montana. Mayor Horatio Daniels has come to Greens to make his report on the final preparations of the school preparing the students for the upcoming war. Headmaster Love has also made his way to Providence Academy to work with Headmistress Rollins to make sure the students are ready for what is to come. Vladimir doesn’t know of this new school as of yet, but word travels fast.

Vladimir has called his Army forth and destruction has hit the borough of Greens. The night of the graduation came with a hefty price. Vladimir made his way to the Ministry while the rest of the borough was celebrating the achievements of the students of the famous Academy. During Ethan Daniel’s acceptance speech; a rumble shook the town and a battle ensued. Tragic revelations came into play as Vladimir kidnapped Harry Potter’s wife; Ginny Potter. What will happen next…what side will you choose to take.
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Green's Academy {LB}
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